A Special Needs Journey

People Will Let You Down

March 5, 2020
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people will let you down

I’m not going to sugar coat it; going through a special needs diagnosis and the required adjustment that follows is not easy on your friendships. There are many small graces and there will definitely be friends and family members who will rise to the challenge of continuing to walk with…

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Our Family’s Update — 2.5 years

February 15, 2020
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uphill climb

As we continue the long, uphill climb of finding our way through the special needs journey, I wanted to document an update on our family and how M’s therapies are going at the 2.5-year mark. As you may recall, in the last installment of our story, M was 1.5 and…

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Our Family’s Story – Part 4 – 18-24 Months

July 13, 2019
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genetic disorder diagnosis

This post is part 4 in a series of posts describing our family’s story. In part 1, I shared the beginning of our pediatric medical adventures with our son’s lesion on his chest, multiple rounds of testing, and eventual diagnosis of Langerhans cell histiocytosis. Part 2 describes M’s birth and…

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Our Family’s Story – Part 3 – 6-18 Months

July 3, 2019
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special needs whirlwind

In a series of posts, I’ve been sharing our family’s story from the past few years. The story began in 2016 with a medical adventure with our son and the toll it took on our family as we were preparing to welcome baby #3. In part 2, I explored M’s…

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