People Will Let You Down

people will let you down

I’m not going to sugar coat it; going through a special needs diagnosis and the required adjustment that follows is not easy on your friendships. There are many small graces and there will definitely be friends and family members who will rise to the challenge of continuing to walk with your family through the fire.…

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Grief Needs Space

Special needs grieving

Grief is a very real part of the special needs journey, most intensely in the months following a diagnosis or other traumatic event. I’m just under four months post-diagnosis, and I’m in the thick of the grieving process. I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how to survive special needs grief and how to go…

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Special Needs Grief – A Primer

special needs grieving

We received a genetic disorder diagnosis in October of 2018 for our youngest daughter which includes muscle weakness and some level of intellectual disability. Since she is only 18 months, it will be quite a while before we know exactly what her level of disability will be and how it will affect her life long-term.…

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