I am, first and foremost, a person with lots of strengths and weaknesses. I'm a deeply loyal friend, I work hard, I'm highly detail-oriented, and I place a high value on relationships. I am a musician - I sing, I write songs, and I play a bit of piano. I've done a few things for work over the years, but currently, I work for a development agency based in Atlanta.

I'm a mother of three, each with their own unique challenges. My youngest, M, has a very rare genetic mutation that only has 250 diagnosed cases worldwide. My son, A, has a rare white blood cell disorder that is currently dormant but could pop up at any time. My oldest, N, overcomes anxiety on a daily basis, just like her mom. We are a loving, imperfect family, full of daily ups and downs.

We received our genetic disorder diagnosis in October of 2018, and since that time, I have realized just how isolating it can be to have a child with special needs. My goal in writing in this space is to be a place where someone might see that they're not alone in the journey.

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