Georgia Katie Beckett Resources

Helpful tools for applying for the Katie Beckett TEFRA Medicaid Waiver in GA

Webinar from Focus & Fragile

Focus & Fragile has made available an hour-long conference session where expert Debbie Dobbs walks you through the Katie Beckett application in detail - the basic purpose, approval guidelines, and specifics on how to fill out every page of the government forms. It's the best crash course on Katie Beckett available on video.

Sheila Carter - Katie Beckett Hero

Sheila Carter runs a nonprofit called Cam & Madi's Promise. Because she is able to collect donations through the nonprofit, she does not charge a fee. She was an invaluable resource for me as I was walking through the Katie Beckett application process. Check out her website to learn more and send her an email with your questions.

My Katie Beckett Guide

This link will take you to a roundup of all of my posts on my experience applying for Katie Beckett. From a basic overview to practical steps and the best order to go about everything, all I've learned and utilized is in these posts. Hopefully this will make it just a bit easier for someone out there!

Georgia Special Needs Organizations

Trusted resources as you navigate your new reality

Parent to Parent of Georgia

Parent to Parent has excellent tools on their website including archived webinars,  articles, and a great searchable tool to find therapists in your area. They will also pair you with a parent in close proximity to you for mentoring and support.

Cam & Madi's Promise

The Director of CAMP, Sheila Carter, is an invaluable resource for answering questions about the Katie Beckett Medicaid Waiver, NOW/COMP Waivers, and other special needs programs.

Focus + Fragile Kids

Focus + Fragile organizes area support groups for special needs parents. They also plan fun events for the families of special needs children as well as training sessions on specific topics like Katie Beckett and Special Needs Trusts.

Additional Funding Sources

To help make ends meet with all of these therapies!

Healthwell Foundation

We have used Healthwell for several years now. They will help with paying for what health insurance won't cover - including horse therapy and music therapy, and other non-traditional interventions. Call the number to apply for the Pediatric Fund (online application not available).

United Healthcare Children's Fund

UHCF also helps cover what health insurance will not. We used these funds to pay for tests, scans, and specialist visits that were not covered by our plan or were out of network. You do NOT have to be a United member to benefit. Application is online and very easy.

Family Support Funds

If your child is 3 years or older, you can apply for government funds through Bobby Dodd Family Support OR InCommunity. This covers a variety of expenses, from recreational activities to respite care to financial advisement, as long as you choose from their list of approved vendors.

For Your Reading List

Books I've found helpful along the way

Healing Anxiety and Depresson
by Daniel Amen

Anxiety and depression are both incredibly common in our culture in general, and especially in the special needs community. This book does an incredible job helping you self-evaluate which of the eight types of anxiety and/or depression plagues you and provides clear options for lifestyle changes, supplements, and medications for each type.

by Cloud & Townsend

This book is on my top 5 list. Boundaries are an incredibly important concept often lost in our culture, especially when it comes to family and/or religious settings. If you have a special needs dynamic in your family, it is more important than ever to make sure you are protecting your family's stability by having healthy boundaries with your work, family, and schedule.

Crucial Conversations
Patterson et al

Also on my top five list, this book focuses on clear communication for those high-stakes conversations, which are common to all humans but especially key for special needs parents. The strategies in this book maximize the opportunity for win-win conversations and optimal outcomes, which has incredible benefits for your family and your special needs kiddo.